NINERELA+ implements Life Skills and Relationship Training in Nigerian Schools.

NINERELA+ implements Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Schools.

NINERELA+ is one of the country networks that benefited from the Life and Relationship Skills training by Church of Sweden in Rwanda in July 2019. The Life and Relationship Skills training is meant for the age group of 9-12-year-olds. Since then, NINERELA+ has never looked back but took the opportunity to train school-going children in Nigeria through the National Coordinator Ms Amber Erinmwinhe. There has been an ongoing multi-faith Life and Relationship Skills training for young girls and boys on our whole lives values, which is about relationship, responsibility and respect.

NINERELA+ is working through Her sister in-school program called, “Sisters in Health and Empowerment (SHE’s Club). NINERELA+ is not only reaching out to schools but religious congregations in order to get large numbers with correct information about comprehensive sexuality education.

This came after the realisation that these institutions are withholding information to young people which obliges young people to seek information from somewhere and in most cases this information will be wrong thereby putting themselves at risk.

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