Gender-Based Violence rife in Sierra Leone

Gender-based violence against women is a common phenomenon across Sierra Leone. However, the government of Sierra Leone has put in place punitive measure against men who commit violence against women. Yet the menace continues. Mrs Lucy Tucker working at the Family support unit in the Sierra Leone Police force is one of Inerela+ SL’s coordinators who provided medical, legal and psychosocial support to the victim in the picture.

The perpetrator has been prosecuted in the court of justice. The matter was reported by the woman in the picture against her husband at the Family support unit in the Bo east police station. The husband was immediately invited to the police station for investigation. Trailing an interrogation and admission of guilt, the husband was later detained while the investigation is ongoing.

The police sent the matter to court. Barely two days after the detention, the wife begged the police to release the husband due to family pressure, however, her efforts were futile. The woman’s medical bill was footed by fund given to INERELA+ Sierra Leone by one of the support group coordinators.

Quote from the survivor, “Will always stand to protect the right of women and fight Gender based violence.”

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