REPSSI: Psychosocial Support Forum, Mental Health In Context

Bobo Chazireni INERELA+ Monitoring, Evaluation And Learning Advisor Attending Psychosocial Support Forum Entitled Mental Health in Context From 4-5th of October 2023 at Birchwood Hotel

INERELA+ was part of the partners under SAVE the Children Civil Society Strengthening Programme who were invited to participate in a Psychosocial Support Forum hosted by REPPSI. The Forum takes place every two years with a number of civic organizations, academics, activists, and researchers taking part to either present research papers on Mental health or provide updates and progress on Mental health programmes in their respective countries. The 2023 forum themed Mental Health in Context was opened by the REPSSI CEO Mr Patrick Onyango Mangen who introduced distinguished guests in the area of mental health. The REPSSI patron Dr Connie Kganakga shared the history, foundation, vision, and mission of REPSSI from its roots of formation in Zimbabwe. The forum welcomed speakers from Frontline AIDS, TDH Germany, UNICEF ESARO, NMCF, EAC Gender Department, Lead, Government of South Africa representative, and child representatives presenting context issues on Mental Health. Various researchers grouped in key major categories namely Climate Change and Humanitarian Emergency; Child Protection; HIV; Disability Inclusion; Forced Displacement; and Responsive School Environment were also given the opportunity to present their research work all linked to Mental health. Some of the key presentations linked to mental health to note read: Addressing the Interdependence and bidirectional relationship between Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Mental Health in Eastern and Southern Africa; Addressing Climate Change Impacts on Children and Adolescents’ Mental Health through Humanitarian Response and Peacebuilding Efforts in Africa; Capacity building of parents and caregivers on early disclosure of HIV status to improve mental wellbeing of Children living with HIV; Advancing Psychosocial Support and Mental Health services in unearthing and addressing the hidden and complex sexual exploitation against adolescent and young women living with HIV in Epworth Harare Zimbabwe. In closure, the Vice Chairperson of REPSSI International Board of Directors gave closing remarks and further encouraged all the participants to keep up the good work towards mental health programming in their respective countries and organizations.

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