INERELA+ Hosts Learning Forum

Participants of the 2022 INERELA+ Virtual Learning Forum, 13th -15th of September 2022

The INERELA+ 2022 Learning Forum was held virtually from the 13th to the 15th of September 2022. The workshop’s main aim was to learn from the work being done by country networks, identify areas that require further development, improvement, and consideration; and facilitate communication & learning, and collaboration among the Country Networks. The workshop commenced with day-long presentations from the 15 country networks about their key achievements, challenges, and lesson learned since the 2021 Learning Forum. The presentations were followed by capacity-building sessions from the INERELA+ Secretariat programs and the finance teams.

The INERELA+ board chairperson, Sergio Rodrigo Bueno Montealegre delivered the keynote address, firstly, he congratulated the secretariat and the country networks for a job well done and for continuing to be the voice of the most vulnerable people in our society, furthermore, he cautioned the participants that the fight against HIV/AIDS is far from over, citing the UNAIDS global report he stated that, ‘“ the progress in prevention and treatment is faltering around the world, putting millions of people in grave danger.”

In line with the forum’s purpose to “provide a platform for dialogue, reflection, and action to strengthen INERELA+ and Country Networks”, participants were trained by experts in Finance Management and Accountability, Corporate Governance, and ICT for Social Change. The workshop was also attended by the representatives of some of the INELERA+ funders, their attendance was primarily to learn about key achievements and challenges in the projects implemented by country networks.

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