INERELA + Strives to Move People From Vulnerability to Dignity

Across the world, most people are living in a vulnerable state where they are prone to all kinds of harm. They live without protection or knowledge of how to seek protection or justice; as a result of this, they are easily hurt either physically, emotionally or psychologically. INERELA+ (inter-faith network of religious leaders living with or affected by HIV) advocates for moving people, beneficiaries and key populations from a vulnerable state to one of dignity, where they are first seen and treated as human, respected and treated fairly irrespective of their health status, sexual orientation and other personal choices they make.
Human dignity does not factor in race, gender, position of a person, their abilities or disabilities. It is a notion that is liberal and not premised on any bias or judgment; but primarily based on the fact that a person or people are human beings. Human dignity emphasizes that people deserve to be seen and treated equally.
In places where human dignity is not seen as inherent, inequality exists, and this often leaves the most vulnerable in communities to suffer while the privileged thrive. Therefore, stakeholders and governments need to uphold human dignity and not live anyone behind in a vulnerable state without the support or empowerment which they require. The absence of this leaves them in life-threatening positions and increases their vulnerability. Vulnerable people are at a higher risk of contracting diseases, experiencing abuse and other negative social vices.
INERELA+ upholds and promotes the recognition of human dignity and as it empowers religious leaders through education, knowledge, and skills to live positively and become symbols of hope and change, it further ensures that faith leaders work towards the elimination of stigma and discrimination within their congregations and communities.

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