The International Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Personally Affected by HIV and AIDS (INERELA+) is pleased to announce the appointment of seven new members to their
Board of Directors at their Annual General Conference on 17 June 2021.
The new board members include
• Sadhviji Bhagawait Saraswati (India ) – A renowned spiritual leader, author and motivational speaker
• Sergio Rodrigo Montealegre Bueno (Costa Rica) – Lay Minister at the Congregation of the Ascension – a Costa Rican Episcopal Church, with extensive experience in HIV issues
• Bishop Ephraim Bainet Disi Mbewe (Malawi) – Pastor, lecturer and activist
• Professor Mbulelo Dyasi (South Africa) – Theologian, facilitator, media presenter, activist for HIV Aids and Gender issues, Ambassador for Brothers For Life
• Liz Kagwiria Guantai (Kenya)- Lawyer of Human Rights; Child Rights; Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights; HIV/AIDS; Gender justice, company law; Corporate governance and labour Laws
• Dr Susan Purcell Gilpin (Zimbabwe) – Medical expert, UN consultant, researcher and writer
• Sheik/Imam Famba Ali Hemedi (DRC) – Principal Imam of Kinshasa in the greater Islamic Community of DRC
The seven new members join two existing board members:
• Nasrin Amla- (South Africa)- Accountant/financial expert
• Rev Jide Macauley – (United Kingdom) – the founding Pastor and CEO of House of Rainbow CIC. British-Nigerian born in London, a Christian minister since 1998, a dynamic and an inspirational speaker, author, poet, pastor and preacher, HIV positive activist
At the most recent introductory meeting of the new Board of Directors held on 13 August 2021, the Board members elected their executive committee as follows:
• Chairman – Sergio Rodrigo Bueno Montealegre from Costa Rica
• Vice Chairman – Professor Mbulelo Dyasi from South Africa
• Treasurer – Nasrin Amla from South Africa – (co-opted)
The Chairmanship was vacated by Fr. Francis Nseka (DRC- Roman Catholic Church) Fr Francis served on the INERELA+ Board since June 2015. Fr Francis Nseka Frank served as Chairman of INERELA+ Board with the utmost integrity and Sergio intends to steer the network’s governance up from where he left. With these highly respected new members on our Board, succeeding an equally excellent team of board members; we,
as a faith based network, are committed to continuing the rewarding work of contributing to bring about a world free from HIV
A complete list of the new Board Members and their head shots can be found on the INERELA+ website at

The International Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Personally affected by HIV and AIDS (INERELA+) was founded in 2002 by a group of religious leaders living with or personally affected by HIV and AIDS. The network was formed and formally named African Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Personally Affected by HIV or AIDS (ANERELA+). The main aim was to help these leaders to live openly so that they can become agents of change by breaking the six evils: Stigma, Shame, Discrimination, Denial, Inaction and Misaction (SSDDIM). The official registration took place in March of 2004 in South Africa. In 2008 the network changed its name to INERELA+ because of the geographical spread of its membership in other continents. Currently INERELA+ has 15 networks across Africa, and representations in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America, with a global membership of approximately 14 278. The network’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is able to challenge the societal injustices, religious norms and gaps which put people at risk of contracting HIV. The INERELA+ Secretariat, based in Johannesburg South Africa, provides co-ordination and technical support to all the country networks. The country networks are constituted and managed by ordained and lay religious leaders who are living with or personally affected by HIV & AIDS. Thus, the national networks areable to use their presence and social capital in communities to advocate for effective HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. The Country Networks are the implementing arm of INERELA+.
Our Patron is His Grace Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu
Earlier this year in June; a Chaplain /Co – Patron in the names of Rev Canon Prof Gideon Baguma Byamugisha ( Trainer, Pastor, Speaker & Theologian on; Stigma, Shame, Denial and Discrimination) was appointed to work hand in hand with him.

Munya Mandipaza
Acting Executive Director

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