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IMG_1216INERELA+ is an international network of religious leaders – lay and ordained, women and men – living with, or personally affected, by HIV.

It is recognized that religious leaders have a unique authority that plays a central role in providing moral and ethical guidance within their communities; indeed their public opinions can influence entire nations.

INERELA+ looks to empower its members to use their positions of respect within their faith communities in a way that breaks silence, challenges stigma and provides delivery of evidenced-based prevention, care and treatment services.

Our Vision: INERELA+ envisions a world where HIV and AIDS related stigma, infections and deaths are eliminated.

Our Mission: INERELA+ exists to equip, empower and engage its members to live positively and openly as agents of hope and change in their faith communities and countries.

Members, in partnership with others, overcome self and societal stigma, engage in stimulating faith community responses, and influence policies and service provision.


SAVE Toolkit

Now available in French

INERELA+ promotes the ‘SAVE’ approach to HIV, a response that was originally formulated by the leaders of the African Network (ANERELA+). The SAVE approach provides a more holistic way of preventing HIV by incorporating the principles of the ABC (Abstinence, Be faithful and Condom use) as well as providing additional information about HIV transmission and prevention, providing support and care for those already infected and actively challenging the denial, stigma and discrimination so commonly associated with HIV. Click here for more information.

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  • Bishop Mpire Kamanga (Chairperson); Southern Africa
  • Dr. Erlinda Senturias (Vice Chairperson); Asia Pacific
  • The Rev’d Phumzile Mabizela (Executive Director); International
  • Pastor Vololona Randriamanantena; Francofone
  • Pastor William Kola Oluwaniyi; West Africa
  • The Rev’d Dean. Richard Oyaro; East Africa
  • Sister Delia Smith; The Americas and Caribbean
  • Rev James Matarazzo, Europe & Central Asia
  • The Rev’d Canon Dr. Gideon Byamugisha; Co-opted member
  • Professor Jerome Amir Singh; Southern Africa

INERELA’s Core Business is to Eradicate All Forms of Stigma and Discrimination and Preserve Human Dignity

Sex and Sexuality

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

INERELA+ promotes sexual and reproductive health with a right supported by knowledge, skills and the ability to make responsible, positive, informed and safe sexual choices. The SAVE Toolkit includes chapters on sex, sexuality and gender which is inclusive of sexual diversity.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Information (CSE&I)

Faith communities supported by INERELA+ networks implement CSE&I at congregational and community levels. The program is targeted at children of 5 – 18 years age group and focuses on teenage pregnancies including contraceptives and forced sterilization of women and girls living with HIV and AIDS.

Gender Justice

Gender Based Violence (GBV)

INERELA+ encourages all members to openly combat discrimination against women and girls in the form of GBV translated as physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and economic violence.

Sexual Diversity (LGBTIQ)

The goal of this project is to engage heterosexist religious orthodoxy and practices and challenge religious institutions, through theology from different faiths, to be more accepting of sexual diversity. To achieve this, INERELA+ convenes consultative dialogues between religious leaders and sexual minorities in open and constructive spaces at national and regional levels. This enables them to be advocates for SRHR of all key populations.

In order to inform and facilitate dialogues, INERELA+ conducts surveys of stigma and discrimination experienced by PLHIV and LGBTI from faith communities. This survey is a methodology adopted from Stigma Index developed by GNP+ in consultation with INERELA+.

Transformative Masculinity

This project ensures that men and boys are included in HIV related prevention, treatment, care and support programs implemented at the congregational and community levels.