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In a bid to determine how well INERELA+ programs carry-out its mandate, meet its objectives and serve its partners, INERELA+ organized and conducted a workshop focused on Good Governance, M & E and Results-Based Reporting from 19th to 23rd May 2014. The workshop was attended by National Coordinators from, Program Officers, M & E Officers and Secretariat staff. INERELA+ Networks represented at the workshop include Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, DRC, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, and Sierra Leone.

The workshop was a capacity development workshop in nature and it was founded upon the rationale that vigorous knowledge tailored to specific needs would be effective in assisting INERELA+ to match theory with practice. The workshop was also to enable participants to apply knowledge acquired in the workshop to their specific and respective contexts back at their network offices. The workshop will be followed-up with updates of reporting and support between the networks and the secretariat and between the networks themselves.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • To capacitate participants to improve their conceptual and practical linkages between Good Governance, M & E and Result-Based Reporting;
  • To have participants’ understanding improved in relation to how Good Governance, M & E and Result-Based Reporting can increase the quality of INERELA+’s programs / projects, advocacy, etc;
  • To support and improve the performance of country networks in alignment with INERELA+’s vision and mission;
  • To promote participants’ accountability and responsibility, coordination and managements, and learning practice;
  • To review and clarify specific roles and responsibilities of stakeholders and role players in the structures of INERELA+;
  • To capacitate participants with tools, methodologies and resources needed for planning, coordinating and reporting of lessons learned;
  • To assess the strengths and weaknesses of components of INERELA+’s programs, M & E and reporting;
  • To involve INERELA+ partners in a participatory process of contextualizing Good Governance to their respective networks, developing the organizational M & E Framework and systematic reporting and;
  • To develop the action plan for the implementation, reporting and support in relation to outputs and outcomes of the workshop.

By the end of the workshop, the participants had developed their country specific objectives which were aligned to INERELA+ outcomes.