Inter-generational Dialogue for women and girls, 8th-9th of March 2017: Consir Executive Lodge in Accra, Ghana.

In an effort to address issues of HIV and AIDS, stigma and Sexual and Gender-based Violence, women of faith organised a two-day inter-generational dialogue in Ghana. INERELA+ Ghana hosted the dialogue. Twenty-four participants which comprises Religious Leaders, community leaders, a lawyer, police and social welfare attended. Grace Kerongo represented INERELA+ Secretariat at the dialogue. The purpose of the dialogue was to bring together influential people and those affected by SGBV into a safe place to interact on issues related to HIV & AIDS and SGBV so as to assist them identify the types, causes, consequences of SGBV and the link between SGBV and HIV for the development of approaches to address it through religious organisations and communities. It emerged that unequal employment opportunities and patriarchal beliefs may place women in risky sexual relationships hence the need for Religious Leaders to halt the use of sacred texts to oppress women as this can fuel the transmission of HIV and SGBV.