Congregational Support SADC

Faith Centre Malvern Assembly conducted a Health workshop with special focus on stigma and discrimination attached to HIV and AIDS including treatment, care and support. The workshop was attended by 32 pastors from around Gauteng including Faith Centre Malvern members.

The workshop was part of the SADC project by INERELA+ in partnership with SANERELA+, Brothers for Life Campaign and African Humanitarian Institute. Dr Mbulelo Dyasi facilitated using different methods which among others included: case studies, brain storming, group work and panel discussions.

Among the participants was Pastor Simon Enjamo, an author who have been living with HIV for 23 years and he shared his experiences on health matters. The workshop was also attended by the media fraternity including The Star Newspaper to capture the experiences of the participants. The workshop was a success as it managed to lobby church leaders, including senior church leaders to support and pledge not to discriminate people on the basis of their health conditions. The workshop was also an opportunity for the project to get support from local Department of Health (City of Johannsburg, Gauteng Department of Health and from South African Men’s Action Group(SAMAG). Bishop Mpempe who also attended from Orange farm reported,

”Church leaders’ first responsibility is to save lives and promote humanity through social positive norms and values of Christianity.”