Dear Friends

The International AIDS Conference is taking place in Durban from 18-22 July. 18 000 participants are expected at this important bi-annual conference. This includes scientists, health workers, government leaders and staff, key agencies and community activist

The previous time this conference was held in Durban in 2001. This was seen as a watershed moment when the voices of people like Pres Mandela and Nkosi Johnson brought about dramatic changes in the treatment of people with HIV in the public sector. Like then, the epidemic is again at a tipping point. People often feel that the ‘problem has been solved’ and we even read of ‘the end of AIDS’, but this is still far from the present reality. In spite of dramatic progress, South Africa still had nearly a thousand new infections a day in 2014, people living with HIV in many parts of the world still struggle to get access to medication and 36.7 million people are living with HIV. Experts agree that the drea of a world where HIV is no longer a public health threat will only become a reality with an intensified and focussed programme over the next 5 years.

Faith communities still have a key role to play. This will be the focus of the “Faith on the Fast Track” preconference that will take place on the 16th and 17th of July in Durban. CABSA is working with the WCC-Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance to ensure an exciting and challenging conference.

If your organisation or congregation is involved in HIV work, we would like to invite you to be part of this. (Please note that we can not assist with sponsorships, travel, or accomodation)

More information and registration detail for the conference is available on . The pre-conference is open to all, also people who are not registered for the main conference, and a very special registration fee is available to participants from SADEC countries

Other faith activities include:

–          Interfaith Worship Service. This will take place on the 19th of July at 19h00 in the Durban City Hall. This event is open to all, also to people not registered for the conference or pre-conference.

–          Interfaith Networking Zone. This exciting space will be in the Global Village. Located opposite the Duban International Convention Centre, this is also open to all and a interesting programme of activities is planned in this space.

We hope to see many local faith-based organisations and individuals represented at these exciting events.

Kind regards

Lyn van Rooyen


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