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HIV and AIDS PRESENTATION TO Back To The Bible Training College (BBTC) in Baberton, Mpumalanga By: Pastor Lorraine Sabushimike Date: 27 November 2009

Pastor Lorraine Sabushimike a member of SANERELA+ and serves as a representative of female religious leaders in South Africa within the SANERELA+ country Network board. She is a Pastor at Marapyane Christian Fellowship in Mpumalanga province South Africa and has a passion of equipping bible school students with HIV and AIDS knowledge.



  • May I greet the people and the servants of God in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  • Special greetings to the management and the leadership of the college
  • My team and I are grateful to God mainly for the fellowship and the friendship he has created among us
  • There is a range of topics that are covered in a fully-fledged workshop, they include: Who is INERELA+, Stigma, Silence and Discrimination, The role of the church, Basic Facts About HIV, Testimonies of Religious Leaders, Success Stories, SAVE, Disclosure and many others
  • For purposes of this Introductory  Presentation, we will focus on the first 2: SSDDIM AND The role of the church

Our Lord and our God teaches us in – Mark 12: 30, 31‘Love the Lord…’, He also comments in Matthew 25: 36 ‘when I was hungry…’

  • We therefore learn to love and to be accountable to our Lord for our actions

Search me Oh Lord…: Have you ever been stigmatized? Or have you stigmatized others?
INERELA seeks to fight HIV-related Stigma, Shame, Denial, Discrimination, Inaction, Misaction

  • Stigma – …………………………..
  • Shame – …………………………..
  • Denial – …………………………..
  • Discrimination – …………………………..
  • Inaction – …………………………..
  • Misaction – …………………………..

Test of faith: Have you done your HIV test? and WHY?

  • The role of the church is always defined by the understanding of the given Biblical mandate
  • There is a Biblically justified  role for the church to make a positive contribution in the HIV era:
  • The Chris- like role is to embrace (identify with) rather than push aside those who need God the more. He identified with sinners…
  • God stands alongside the poor, the oppressed and the suffering to provide acceptance, love, belonging and hope.

By Pastor Lorraine Sabushimike
Date: 27 November 2009

  • A response that is guided by fear rather than faith and love distorts the image of our God.
  • Judgmental messages like ‘HIV is a punishment from God for promiscuous people’ should rather be based on factual information about the virus. ‘Throwing the stone’
  • The church should consider holistic teaching of the Bible; Not only sexual behavior but also about grace, forgiveness, compassion and solidarity in suffering.
  • The church should respond with a theology that builds on love and care for the sufferers. Show mercy and divine compassion to PLWH and those affected by HIV
  • Becoming a listening and supporting church.
  • Walking with rather than before or above PLWH (Superiority/the role of giving orders). For instance, willingness to queue for medicine with PLWH
  • There is therefore a need for training with special focus on HIV for the ministry of the church to be more relevant.

Thought provoking question: What role is your church playing in response to challenges posed by HIV/ Aids? Or what role are you playing …?

Some of the challenges facing the church in the HIV era include: High death rate, Orphans and Widows, Burial more than altar calls, Hopelessness, Poverty…

  • James 2: 26 teach that faith without works is DEAD.
  • HIV and Poverty are interrelated; therefore a fight against one should involve the other.
  • Alongside preaching and praying, Any religious leader can contribute to one or more of the practical responses such as:
  1. Counseling and support groups
  2. Do test and encourage others to do the same
  3. Caring for the orphans and the widows
  4. Advocacy
  5. Nutrition


  • We can allow God to transform our negative attitudes and fight against SSDDIM
  • The church/ religious leaders can do more to reduce the spread of HIV
  • May the Lord give us wisdom as we decide on the practical activities we can do for His glory in the HIV era. Amen


Picture 1 Pastor Lorraine receiving a token of appreciation from Mr. Shai-Principal of BBTC for facilitating the HIV and AIDS Training at Baberton Mpumalanga

Picture 2.  BBTC students from East, Central and Southern Africa regions who were trained on HIV and AIDS related stigma, shame denial, discrimination, inaction and misaction

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